Shelley Christman

Budget Kitchen Renew totally made my countertops look outstanding! John and Val are two very talented professionals in their craft. They understood what I was looking for and made it happen! Friendly and knowledgeable and very affordable, Thanks you John and Val!

Our story:

Shelley called us because she heard about our countertop resurfacing and said she wanted some pricing. She told me that she could not afford new countertops but was tire of the old and the BIG BOX store pricing was insane. We gave her back her sanity with some great pricing and accomplished what she needed on her budget. A great gal to work with!

Kim W.

We LOVE, LOVE our new kitchen by Budget Kitchen Renew. Valentina has a great style aesthetic and helped us choose the countertop and hardware that looked best with the cabinets we chose. We couldn’t be happier. They are very professional, courteous, pay great attention to the little details, and clean up everything each day. John is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain each step as he goes. Great work at a GREAT price.

Our story:

Kim and Dave W just purchased a Condo for a winter home and hated their kitchen and hated the pricing they were getting. We took care of that problem pronto. Another lovely couple to work for!

John Stabba

Budget Kitchen Renew is a wonderful and affordable company to work with. John and Valentina provided me with flawless workmanship, great ideas and total satisfaction. Couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my kitchen and bathrooms. BKR is on time as promised, and run honestly. An all-around great American company

Our story:

John called us through a Google search and hired us on the phone. We completed the project without ever meeting as he lived more than 1000 miles away. He trusted us to do a great job and since has seen the kitchen and told us he finally go to see it and was very pleased. John was a gentleman to work with!

Jim Smith

The Budget Kitchen Renew team was awesome! Went way beyond what we expected and we are more than satisfied. Anybody even thinking about a kitchen reface project should call these folks. The only issue is John is a perfectionist and his wife is beautiful!

Our story:

Jim called us after attending one of our open houses and immediately asked for an appointment. We came right over and told us he was impressed with our work and the BIG BOX store pricing was way out of line for him. He hired us and we had a great time!

Donna Lewis

Budget Kitchen Renew did an AMAZING job on my kitchen and bathrooms. They were super responsive and responsible. I’m not one to write reviews but I would be remiss if I didn’t share how helpful and kind John and Valentina were while transforming my kitchen and bathrooms. When I wasn’t able to see the work, John sent pictures and texts so I could make decisions in real time and keep everyone on schedule. I can’t thank John and Valentina enough for going above and beyond for me.

Bill & Maureen

Our old kitchen is now remarkably new! In just a couple of weeks, the staff at Kitchen Renew created a remarkable transformation of our cabinets, doors and countertops without having to replace anything but the doors and drawers. A truly awesome updating at a fraction of the cost of the big box stores or a total renovation. Friends and family are absolutely amazed at the workmanship of the countertop resurfacing and the replaced doors and hardware. Great job all around.

Our story:

We met this nice couple who were just coming out of sticker shock after they got a quote from the local Big Box store. We revived them when we showed them what we could do for them on their budget.

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