Wayne & Donna

Wayne & Donna

We are so impressed & pleased with Budget Kitchen renew! After checking with Sears, home improvement stores, which were thousands of dollars more, then calling several independent companies – Budget not only took our call, but came right out, from measuring, ordering & installing, job was complete in a week!!!!

Our story:

Donna called us and said she was worn out from talking to companies about her kitchen and everybody was so far away from their budget she had about given up. They were going to sell their home and wanted to freshen up their home on a budget. We made sure this happened for them and on top of this, they were great to work with! They sold their home and moved on with their lives.

Ann and Jay happy customers

Ann and Jay Grosskopf – Realtor

I sell Real Estate here in Vero Beach and was looking for a cabinet refacing company. I had heard about John and started following him on Facebook. I was really intrigued on how they did the counter tops. I had them come over to look at our kitchen and explain the process and how Valentina did the counter tops.

They are very professional and very attention to detail. That’s very important to me. Our kitchen is now complete and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! When I show photos of our kitchen people think the counter tops are granite. Valentina is so talented a true artist and John is a hard worker and very professional. Our counter tops, cabinets and backsplash is stunning. I would highly HIGHLY recommend them. 4 days ago we had a dated ugly kitchen and today we have a kitchen that could be in a decorating magazine. All at a budget price.

Our story:

Ann called us interested in our work. We did a kitchen reface and countertop resurface and she even hosted an open house. We were very happy with the outcome and she has been super to work with!

Jason Gill - Realtor

Jason Gill – Realtor

I just used Budget Kitchen Renew and I am super pleased with the results. The team was very professional and trustworthy. They arrived when they said they would and kept the project on schedule as promised. I can’t say enough about this company. I highly recommend them!!

Our story:

Jason called us and asked what to do with a home purchase he had just made for his family. He had talked to others but loved what we had to say. Jason & Family were a pleasure to work with!

denise randolph real estate agent

Denise Randolph – Realtor

The best price, the best service, love my kitchen.

Skip Walz - Real Estate Broker

Skip Walz – Real Estate Broker

Besides being very nice people John and Valentina are very good at what they do. I am very happy with the work they did to transform my kitchen. John takes great pride in the work he does and it shows in the end product. As a licensed Real Estate Broker I have been involved in real estate for many years and find their work to be a great value . I highly recommend John and Valentina for your kitchen remodeling. ( they also do bathrooms and laundry rooms.)

David Caruther happy customer

David Caruthers

Words cannot express the excellent work you did to my kitchen. It far exceeded my expectations and must be the best kitchen in the whole complex. You constantly surprised me with certain added features you incorporated with NO additional cost.

I will not hesitate to recommend you to the Home Owners association and many other individuals. You completed the whole project on time and well within budget. For the excellent work done, the price was GREAT!!

Our story:

David found us through an internet search and had interviewed 2 other contractors which he was disappointed in. Immediately after we finished our presentation he said he was not going to call anybody else, and proceeded to cancel the next appointment. The reason he told us is because we were professional and we were in his budget with great selections so why look elsewhere. It’s people like David that makes us want to be the best at what we do!

Brenda Tucker happy customer

Brenda Tucker

The team John and Valentina are great! I had my son and daughter-in laws kitchen done as a treat to them and it is night and day from the start! Affordable quality is great for a kitchen update! I can’t wait to get him on schedule with some more kitchens. They have a talented and well mannered son who my ‘oceanfront rentals’ got to play with.

Our story:

Brenda is one of the most caring persons we know of. She purchased two kitchens from us. One for her son and one for her niece. We gave her great pricing for a twofer!

Irene Moodie smiling after a remodel

Irene Moodie

Did a great job on my kitchen, and went over and above to make it nice. Counters turned out beautiful. Was very glad to have John and Valentina on the job.

Our story:

Irene called us because she was going to sell her home and knew from talking to her Real estate agent it probably would be difficult for her to sell with her existing kitchen. We came over and gave her a great price to help her sell her home and the results were great. No time at all on the market.

Body and Jody Happy Customers

Boyd & Jody Williams

What a beautiful kitchen we have! All delivered in a timely, reasonable fashion, without the stress and chaos of a construction crew 🙂 Gifted in the area of color and artistic blessings, Val matched our colors with perfection, thank you John and Val. Thank you for the confidence and encouragement you gave us! We signed a contract on our house today, full asking price. Thanks John you know your stuff!

Our story:

Boyd was trying to sell his home and was having no success after having it on the market for over 3 months so he called us with the recommendation of his Realtor asked Budget Kitchen if we could help him…..we did! What a great couple that we were thrilled to be helping!

Elizabeth D. Happy Customer

Elizabeth D.

A 7ft bath Vanity needed to be installed complete with marble top and two basins with back splash. I decided to use John while I was in New York (he was in Florida at our Condo) and he handled the entire process from moving it to installation. While he was working he noted several issues and repaired them as well. John finished the job on time at a price we agreed on while I was in remote in New York. It is so rare to find a great craftsman who takes the job on if it was his own. I know that I can trust John to take care of anything while I am away. Can’t recommend him enough, so grateful!

Our story:

Elizabeth called us from out of state via Thumbtack a lead provider. She could not find anybody to help put here bathrooms together. We took care of everything with just a phone call from her!

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