Save 60% Over Traditional Remodeling

With 25 years of experience and hundreds of satisified customers we've developed a budget friendly process that will give your kitchen a brand new look for a fraction of the cost of a total remodel. Our refacing and resurfacing options will save you time, money, and headaches while making you feel like you're in a whole new kitchen.

Our Services

Countertop Resurfacing

Make your counter look amazing with a variety of styles including multiple types of stone.

Countertop Backsplashes

Update your aging backsplash with a more modern look that will add style to your kitchen.

Custom Islands & Additional Cabinetry

Add more storage or workspace in your kitchen with some new matching cabinets and islands.


Give some inexpensive new life to your kitchen by adding new doors and hardware to your cabinets.

Budget Friendly Cabinet Accessories

Optimize your storage space and add additional functionality to your cabinets.

Expert Craftsmanship. Beautiful Results. Budget Friendly. Made in the US.

The kitchen is much more than just a place where we make meals; it's where we make memories with our family and loved ones. Don't let the heart of your home get you down because of peeling, scratches, stains, and other issues.

Budget Kitchen Renew can completely revive your kitchen from cabinets to countertops for a fraction of the cost of a total remodel. Imagine a complete kitchen makeover that will cost less than most countertops!

Dozens of Five Star Recommendations!

What Our Customers Say

Two people standing in renovated kitchenAnne

I especially appreciated their attention to detail and recommendation of better hardware. They also took the time to fix unforeseen problem areas and are very resourceful and knowledgeable about carpentry. Amazing transformation of my kitchen!! Love it. Thanks John and Val. Great job, great team work.

Jan and Jenny in kitchenJan & Lenny

This is an amazing company. John and Val brought my kitchen up to date with new cabinet doors and drawers and a countertop that looks like granite at a very reasonable price. Val did the countertop incorporating the color of my walls and floor into the pattern. The result looks just like granite. John added a cabinet and a stack of drawers which gave me some much needed storage space.

Our story:

Jan contacted us initially via Facebook and told me she had been following us for one year and decided we were the only contractor she wanted to hire for her budget kitchen renew. She invited us over and she told us that she already knew what she wanted. Her husband Lenny told us we were going to do the job since his wife thought we walked on water  Well we can’t do that, but we can make things happen that almost seem magical to your kitchen!

Dave & Kim

Dave & Kim Happy CustomersBeing new to the area it can be difficult to find reputable companies to work with. That's why we were happy to find Budget Kitchen Renew. The staff was very professional, the products were very high quality, and the pricing was very affordable. We were extremely pleased with our kitchen and would recommend them to others. If you’re looking for a company that you can count on, one that will be there when they say they will this is the company for you. Budget Kitchen Renew....a job well done! Thank you!!”

Our Story

Dave called me from the great state of TN. and said he would be down in a few weeks and wanted a budget kitchen reface and renew. We had never met before but he liked what we had to say and called when he got in town. We completed his kitchen in a couple of weeks because he only had a limited time in town. Now this is the confidence you can have too!

Gordon & Judy

Gordon & Judy Happy CustomerBudget Kitchen Renew performed a miracle and transformed our kitchen and bathrooms into modern rooms that we are proud to show off. They provided options and helped to select the best choices for us. The work was done quickly; professionalism combined with friendliness. The team was very meticulous at every step, from the precise measurements before ordering the cabinet doors and hardware, to the exactness of the fitment. Special precision tools were used knowledgeably to ensure that the spacing & alignment of the doors, drawers and hardware are perfect. They are very knowledgeable about surface coatings that are durable and attractive. Their unique process makes counters look just like granite, at a fraction of the cost.”

Our Story

We met Flash Gordon and his wonderful wife as they were leaving a BIG BOX store kitchen area. I asked how it was going and she said they were in shock at the cost to fix up their small kitchen. We gave them our business card and she called us for an appointment and they hired us on the spot. And we gave here even more than she asked for with a price that fit their Kitchen Budget.

Wayne & DonnaWayne & Donna

We are so impressed & pleased with Budget Kitchen renew! After checking with Sears, home improvement stores, which were thousands of dollars more, then calling several independent companies – Budget not only took our call, but came right out, from measuring, ordering & installing, job was complete in a week!!!!

Our story:

Donna called us and said she was worn out from talking to companies about her kitchen and everybody was so far away from their budget she had about given up. They were going to sell their home and wanted to freshen up their home on a budget. We made sure this happened for them and on top of this, they were great to work with! They sold their home and moved on with their lives.

Ann and Jay happy customersAnn and Jay Grosskopf – Realtor

I sell Real Estate here in Vero Beach and was looking for a cabinet refacing company. I had heard about John and started following him on Facebook. I was really intrigued on how they did the counter tops. I had them come over to look at our kitchen and explain the process and how Valentina did the counter tops.

They are very professional and very attention to detail. That’s very important to me. Our kitchen is now complete and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! When I show photos of our kitchen people think the counter tops are granite. Valentina is so talented a true artist and John is a hard worker and very professional. Our counter tops, cabinets and backsplash is stunning. I would highly HIGHLY recommend them. 4 days ago we had a dated ugly kitchen and today we have a kitchen that could be in a decorating magazine. All at a budget price.

Our story:

Ann called us interested in our work. We did a kitchen reface and countertop resurface and she even hosted an open house. We were very happy with the outcome and she has been super to work with!

Jason Gill - RealtorJason Gill – Realtor

I just used Budget Kitchen Renew and I am super pleased with the results. The team was very professional and trustworthy. They arrived when they said they would and kept the project on schedule as promised. I can’t say enough about this company. I highly recommend them!!

Our story:

Jason called us and asked what to do with a home purchase he had just made for his family. He had talked to others but loved what we had to say. Jason & Family were a pleasure to work with!

denise randolph real estate agentDenise Randolph – Realtor

The best price, the best service, love my kitchen.

Christopher Conner

I've worked with John Cunningham and his wife Valentina for two years now. They are genuine people and have done great work for a long list of people. I've had the pleasure of interviewing five different clients who had worked with Budget Kitchen Review and visited a dozen job sites. Their work is impeccable and their word is their bond. I would recommend John and Valentina to anyone considering working with Budget Kitchen Review.

Nancy Cameron

A superior job done by John and Valentina who installed beautiful cabinet doors, sliding shelves and also painted the trim. All work was done professionally, expertly, cheerfully and timely. I can't praise them and their work enough. You will NOT be disappointed.

Rick & Anne Arndt

We were thrilled with our new kitchen. John & Val were so professional, offered advice when needed, went above and beyond at every turn. We have had so many compliments on the finished job and would recommend them to anyone looking to remodel their kitchen.

Andrea Horlick

What can I say about John and Valentina?...There aren’t enough positive adjectives to describe the absolute, perfect job they did transforming my kitchen. They are dependable, conscientious, attentive and meticulous just to name a few. They offered their ideas and paid attention to each and every minute detail. They are also the cleanest contractors I’ve ever hired! They were neat and tidy through every phase. And they are super nice which, was an added bonus. All-in-all, it was a STUPENDOUS job! I will definitely use them again for my bathroom cabinets. Thank you John and Valentina for giving me my dream kitchen.

Andy & Dawn Craig

John and Valentina are awesome! The quality and attention to detail are second to none. And their prices were execellent. Please, please rethink going to Home Depot or Lowes! This has been by far the best experience we have had with remodeling our home. i can't believe we were so lucky to find them.


After seeing what John & Valentina did to my neighbors bathrooms I decided my kitchen needed a facelift and the results are simply spectacular. Their attention to detail and talent for repairing those annoying little things that never seemed to work right, such as cabinet doors that snap when opened-all quiet now & they do the slow close, kind of sexy. John & Valentina worked their butts off and have another completely happy customer. Thank you - Thank you - Thank you!

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Listen to our interview where we talk with current realtors about how we were able to help them sell homes and increase their sale price with our kitchen renewals!

The Budget Kitchen Renew Difference

Our primary concern is customer satisfaction. That's why we have dozens of five star customer reviews and hundreds of satisfied customers.

Our years of experience and unique process puts us at the forefront of kitchen renewal quality and at the lowest prices. That's why we are happy to match a competitor's written quote if they're able to beat our pricing.

Please get in touch with us today and we'd love to discuss your kitchen renewal options.


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